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billymills_crossing_finish_line_1964olympicsWe are in the business of helping people, NOT selling products!

We offer many supplementation alternatives to medical prescriptions and surgeries making it available to all people from blue collar worker to the performance competitive athlete.  Our education and experience background provides us with a unique opportunity to restore your health, your appearance, enhance and repair ligaments, tendons and illnesses.

Growing older, as we all know, starts to cause us limitations that affect the lifestyle we have grown accustomed to.  The LACK OF DRIVE, the loss of appetite, or usual weight gain accompanied by the nagging shoulder pain, back pain and knee pain; just to name a few.

Sharppeptides was founded on the principals of a need:  We want to help when the medical professionals wants to fix you with a pill or band aid or worse….wants to discard you because of stereo typing based on age or the lack of funds.

Through our research and discovery, we have developed supplements and programs designed to help you.  Whether that is fixing a bad shoulder or loosing just a few extra pounds.



Thanks To

14095990_10208281876498422_4691687485370299915_nGrace and Blessings on your journey,

Tim Ulrich*, President, CEO
SHARPpeptides, Inc.

Known also as one the most sought after professional personal trainers for 16 years, he is also the certified “go to” in nutrition, kinetics, life coaching, weight loss or gain muscle growth, supplements and nutraceuticals.

Most recently, Tim rehabbed a frozen in place, eight month old damaged rotator cuff that no medical professional would attempt to correct.  In four weeks, the professional competitive bodybuilder had full range of motion even against water resistance.  Week five resulted in wide grip pull ups and rapid tremendous progress with complete recovery.  Prior, the medical profession said there was nothing they could do because the tendons looked like ground meat.

Another recent success story is a 47 year old female who lost 225 pounds  in 21 consecutive months.

You will be amazed how Tim can coordinate all his skills to compliment your results.

You can call him and visit over the phone at 864-787-9632.

All my Best,

Mari Browning Melehes, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Owner

SHARPpeptides, Inc.

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